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Seven Interview Questions You Should Be Prepared for

If you are interviewing for a position, you can guarantee that you’re interviewer will start by saying, “tell me about yourself.” Can you guarantee that you’ll give the right response? It can be hard to approach these worn questions with fresh enthusiasm and strategic answers. Rachel Dotson from ZipRecruiter has an excellent rundown of frequently asked interview questions and how you should reply. Dotson points out that when asked to tell your interviewer about yourself, they are not asking for your life story. They are inviting you to connect the dots between your experience and this job. She advises to select key work and education information that shows the hiring manager why you are a perfect fit for the job and the company. For example, a recent grad might say something like, “I went to X University where I majored in Y and completed an internship at Z Company. During my internship, I did this and that (name achievements that match the job-description), which really solidified my passion for this line of work.”

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