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Why You Need to Match Your Hires with Your Goals

If you are faced with an opening in your team, odds are that you’re wondering “how will we meet our deadline next week?” You’re probably not considering the opportunity it is for your strategic goals, but you should be. Every time you hire someone new, you are shaping your team for years to come. All those small decisions influence the trajectory of your organization.

If you’re an executive in higher education, you likely have a laundry-list of positions you’d love to create. How can you operate within your budget constraints to affect your long-term goals? An executive-search firm can help you connect your pressing hiring needs with your long-term institutional success. At Hyatt-Fennell, we have the broad perspective, industry insight, and network connections to align the new hires you make this year with your strategic plan and priorities. Summer is an ideal time to refine your wish-list of new and evolving talent and key roles to achieve your goals. Contact us to set up a conversation and begin exploring the possibilities.