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What Do Your Social Media Pages Say to Job Seekers?

We’ve often talked about how critical it is for job-seekers and top executives to carefully manage their social media and digital profile. Just as potential employers will check applicants’ social-media profiles, applicants will peruse the social-media profiles of organizations they are applying to. If a job-seeker visited your school’s social-media pages, what would they find? Make no mistake—job-seekers are browsing your social-media pages. Will what they see there entice them to work for you or drive them away? Here are four things they should see on your social pages:

  1. Recent content. How often do you post on social media? A healthy social-media presence should have regular, original content. You may not have the personnel to post daily, but automating posts to populate once a week is a bare minimum.

  2. Variety of perspectives. Does your social media show the diverse communities that make up your institution? Use social media to highlight students, faculty, staff, and stakeholders. Be sure to have one or two central editors so that posts maintain a unified voice.

  3. Shows results. Social media is the perfect place to celebrate your successes! From a profile of a recent alum, to a photo of the ground-breaking on a new building, sharing good news allows your community to celebrate together—and shows the milestones your school is achieving to those considering employment.

  4. Links to more. One of the benefits of social media is that it can accommodate differing levels of depth. For someone interested in a cursory overview, they can scan your feed to get a sense of the latest news. For more invested readers, you should link to content already being created by your organization. Share a recent paper published by a faculty member and the upcoming conference hosted on your campus. Your social-media profile serves as inroads into your vibrant community.