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What’s in Your Toolbox: Four Things to Do If You’re Chairing a Screening Committee

A screening committee is an exciting opportunity to shape the future of an organization. It is also a significant amount of work. If you’ve been asked to chair a screening committee, how can you keep the process—and people—moving to a successful selection? We have four guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. Understand your scope. Review any information given to you by the college or previous screening committees. Many schools have established protocol in place. In order to be successful, you must first understand your charge.

  2. Set your blueprint. Work in collaboration with Hyatt-Fennell to establish the benchmarks for the process and set dates for each—from advertising the position to making offers. Make sure that all members of the committee and any relevant stakeholders are apprised of the timeline.

  3. Communicate the process. Make sure your committee members understand their roles. This allows them to focus their energies where they can be most effective. As you communicate internally, Hyatt-Fennell will maintain timely communication with your applicants.

  4. Beware of detours. A screening committee can be an unwieldy group—and process—to steer. Part of your job as chair of the committee is to keep things on track. It does not mean that you rule with an iron hand, just that you help the entire group keep the overall goals in mind.

When seeking to fill a position, an executive search firm is your greatest asset. They will guide you through the process from crafting a position description to negotiating a placement—and beyond. Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search is standing by to assist with your next search. Contact us today.