Three Tips for Interviewing with Confidence

March 26, 2019



Interviewers are looking for someone who is a good fit for a position. This encompasses specific qualifications, but also personal traits that make you a cultural fit. Follow our tips and walk into your first executive interview like you already belong:

1. Prepare Thoughtfully. Leadership is responsible for strategically charting a course for an organization. Through your interview you are considering if that is something you want to do. You should be aware of the strengths, challenges, and strategic opportunities of the organization. 

2. Listen Well. Strong leaders are secure in themselves and their ideas enough to value the input and contributions of others. You will exhibit confidence by thoughtfully and sincerely listening to others. 

3. Practice Poise. Your personal bearing is essential to projecting confidence in an interview. Dress professionally. Make eye contact. Sit up straight. You are communicating through all these non-verbal cues. Make sure you are sending the right message.

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