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“You Lost Your Job? I Can Help”

Looking for a job can be one of the most isolating and disheartening processes a professional goes through. If you have a close colleague who is going through a job transition, be their ally. Doing so will not only aid a valued associate, but may benefit you in ways you can’t anticipate. We have three ways to support an associate who has lost their job.

  1. Write a reference. Offer to write a reference before they seek you out. There are many tasks to a job search and they will be grateful for this tangible support.

  2. Extend your network. Scan your virtual rolodex for contacts that can offer relevant support and do some outreach. You can do both your colleague and another institution a favor by connecting a quality worker with an organization. You never know when you’ll be in your own job search and reap the rewards of the kindness you extend!

  3. Stay connected. Don’t let their last day of work be the last time they hear from you. Respected colleagues are too valuable to let slip away. Ensure you have contact information that transcends your organization and mark your calendar to check in on them a month or two from now. Both of you will be glad you did.