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Do You Remember What You Posted on Social Media Two Years Ago? It Could Cost You a Job

Why are you on social media? You may use Facebook to see photos of your niece or peruse Twitter to hear the latest news, but hiring managers use social media to vet applicants. Social media has cost many individuals current jobs—or potential positions. We have four guidelines to make sure you aren’t one of them:

  1. Nothing is private. Anything you say on the internet is indelible. Don’t say anything on Facebook or Twitter that you won’t say at a work function. This should dictate not only the content of your posts, but the subjects you delve into.

  2. Retweets matter. You should be aware of not only your own social media posts, but those you patronize. Whom do you follow? If you retweet a post that contains offensive or questionable content, you are implicated.

  3. Think before you tweet. Make a habit of rereading things before you post. Remember that others reading your post may lack context. Assume that anything that can be misconstrued will be. If you have any hesitation about posting something, listen to your gut.

  4. Harness social media. The flipside of the power of social media is that it can be a catalyst for your career success. Share interesting articles. Engage with others in your industry. Stay connected with past associates. Contribute through the resources, dialogue, and connections you bring.