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How Do You Know if a Position is Right For You?

When interviewing for a position, how do you see past the initial impressions and discern if you will be happy in a position three years from now? In his article in Inside Higher Ed, RahK Lash shares his experience and offers six factors to consider when evaluating whether a position is a good fit. He offers this keen insight on growth:

Make sure the institution is invested in you as a professional...you shouldn’t have to leave the institution in order to move up and grow, despite the stigma that tells us otherwise. While researching and engaging with the campus during the interview process, can you see opportunities for growth in addition to upward mobility? Are there any models of internal progression (starting in one position and continuing to advance)?

Look beyond your own two feet as you consider making a commitment to an institution. Ask about professional development, and push beyond a financial allocation. What does time away for professional opportunities look like? Does that time count against you, or will it be considered paid professional time? What internal opportunities does the institution offer (ongoing training sessions and workshops, mentoring programs, and the like)? Are your supervisors willing to let you push the needle forward, try new things and fail? Ask yourself how this college will support you and set you up for success.

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