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Higher Education Career Trends to Prepare for in 2019

Higher education is a rapidly changing landscape. How will new opportunities and the increased pressures shape hiring in 2019? Here are three of our predictions:

  1. Technology will inform hiring. Technology touches every aspect of the interview process. Software can strengthen and streamline the screening process, including more qualified candidates, while minimizing bias. Paper résumés are increasingly obsolete. Video interviews are a first-line screening tool. Professionals need to be savvy with technology and consider it an ongoing part of their professional development.

  2. Personal branding will grow in importance. Personal branding is highlighted everywhere from video applications to an intentionally curated online presence. Individuals should demonstrate their expertise and show consistent messaging across their online—and in-person—presence.

  3. The gig economy will expand. Once an anomaly, freelance roles are on the rise. With budgetary considerations and institutional restructuring, this will only increase. Freelance positions allow organizations to be more agile; however freelancers lack institutional knowledge. Colleges must be strategic in the ways they utilize consultants. On the other side of the equation, professionals who opt to freelance must be diligent about their long-term goals, such as retirement savings and benefits, as they operate without employer-sponsored benefits.

These are the #BigIdeas2019 we see. What things do you see on the horizon? Share your thoughts with us on social media!