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‘Tis the Season to Be Networking

If you’re considering a job change in 2019, the holiday season is the perfect time to renew connections and mobilize your network. Here are four tips to take advantage of extra opportunities the holiday season affords:

  1. Hone your elevator pitch. People can’t connect you with jobs if they don’t know what you do. You should be able to explain your job—and what sets you apart—in 30 seconds. Remember to keep it genuine—your elevator pitch should be a conversation-starter, not a sales pitch.

  2. Get out of the office. The holidays abound with opportunities to interact with others—including colleagues you don’t see very often. Attend holiday parties and benefits. Take a former coworker to lunch. If you’re traveling, consider connecting with friends or colleagues in the city you’re visiting.

  3. Share with family and friends. The majority of jobs are filled through networking. As you see friends and family throughout the holiday season, share with them that you’re exploring new opportunities. Don’t forget to ask them about their career highlights and how they’ve grown in the last year.

  4. Offer value. The key to cultivating a healthy, long-term, professional network is reciprocity. As you approach the holiday season, consider the ways you can give as well as receive. Offer to write a recommendation for someone. Volunteer your time at an event. Express gratitude to those who have helped you in the past year.