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What Do You Do After the Interview? Three Tips for Post-interview Best Practices

Landing and successfully traversing an interview is a major victory. Don’t let satisfaction in a good interview lull you into inactivity. The interview may be over, but the process is just beginning. Here are three steps to take to lead you from job interview to job offer:

  1. Send a thank-you letter. This should go without saying, but this practice is all-too-often neglected. Decide whether to send an email or handwritten note strategically based on the timeline of hiring and the culture of the organization. Whichever route you take, make your thank-you note sincere and specific. It should reflect your personality, express your gratitude for their time, and reiterate why you are well suited to the position. Thank-you notes should be sent within 24 hours of the interview.

  2. Check-in. You want to stay in the purview of those making the hiring decision. Check in 7–10 days after the interview. Express how you enjoyed meeting with them and ask if you can provide any further information as they make their hiring decision. Maintain a positive tone—you don’t want to sound desperate or apologetic.

  3. Connect. You will meet a lot of people throughout your interview process. It’s appropriate to connect with some of those people further. Add them to your network on LinkedIn. Did they give you their cards? Consider email to ask them questions about their experience working with the organization. While in the near term you may be applying for a specific position, your overarching goal is to build a successful career. Build your network and invest in relationships