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How Many of Your Students Vote?

College is where young people move from dependent teenagers to independent adults. College is not just about transmitting knowledge, but developing competence. Student development, properly conceived, is intellectual, emotional, and social. By instilling the habit of voting in students, you are teaching them to be engaged members of their communities.

  1. Lead by example. College leadership should vote and share with students what they have gained by exercising their civic duty. Consider an op-ed in the student paper or a blog post on the topic.

  2. Point to resources. Many students live far from where they are registered to vote—if they registered at all. Provide students with information on how to register to vote, locate their polling place, and vote absentee.

  3. Enlist student groups. Encourage Student Council and other student-led organizations to mobilize around the cause.

  4. Start a hashtag. Encourage students to remind others to vote and tag themselves with a hashtag, such as #Chathamvotes.

  5. Make voting a Primary concern. Make a rhythm of encouraging students to vote in all elections—including primaries.

How is your campus getting out the vote Tuesday? Share your initiatives and innovations with us.