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Do You Have Faith in This Job? What to Consider When Interviewing at a Faith-Based Institution

Religious organizations have a robust track-record of helping their communities. Currently 70% of food pantries are run by faith-based entities. Many faith-based nonprofits have established networks of support that make them uniquely qualified to reach their target group. Working with an organization pursuing such a noble cause can yield profound meaning.

If you are thinking about a job with a faith-based organization, there is an additional element to the technical qualifications and industry experience required at other jobs: care. Being passionate about an organization's mission is key for a good fit in the nonprofit world. Here are four guidelines as you think through the suitability of a match.

  1. Reflect on your background. What leads you to approach this type of work? Have you worked with similar organizations? How has faith influenced your growth?

  2. Examine your connection to their values. Even if you are not of the same denomination, what common values do you hold? What areas of resonance are there? How prominent are their beliefs in the work environment?

  3. Be honest. It can be tempting to give the answer your interviewer wants to hear; however, you should be frank about areas of difference and open in your questions. Neither of you will be served by minimizing differences or hesitations. The interviewer will value your forthrightness and should respond in kind.

  4. Ask questions. Part of your interview process can and should include a discussion of how faith influences the workplace. Directness and transparency are your best tools. What things are you excited about? Concerned by? Your interviewer is familiar with the culture of the organization and can clarify any areas of hesitation or inquiry.