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Encouraging Entrepreneurship

Over the summer one young man became a businessman. Jaequan Faulkner found a hot-dog grill in his uncle’s house and decided to set up shop, calling his stand Mr. Faulkner’s Old Fashioned Hot Dogs. Then, he ran into a problem: someone called the health department on him.

The inspectors at the health department saw this young man’s initiative and drive as something to be encouraged. Instead of shutting Jaequan down, they helped him get his permit—paying for the permit themselves—and connected him with a local business group. Jaequan told the Star Tribune, “I like having my own business. I like letting people know just because I’m young doesn’t mean I can’t.”

How often in business does the old guard squelch rather than foster young innovation and energy? The inspectors at The Minneapolis Health Department have set an excellent example of encouraging growth. Read the entire story about this savvy young businessman here.