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How is Technology Changing Hiring?

As Millenials have become the largest segment of the workforce, they have accelerated the influence of technology on the recruitment process. In a recent article, Amy Tori discussed the latest trends in hiring, both technological and social. One of the most intriguing ideas she discusses is the use of blockchain to provide clear, unbiased résumés. She explains,

“There’s lots of hype around blockchain, but for many industries, including recruiting, that hype might be justified. Blockchain job-platforms have the potential to upend the “dumb data” clogging up job boards and clunky ATS programs. One company, BHIRED, is launching a blockchain platform where candidates can create digital profiles stored immutably on a blockchain. Unlike one-dimensional–and often bias-enabling–résumés, these blockchain profiles will capture multi-dimensional elements of candidates’ skill sets, such as personality traits and much-desired “soft skills.” BHIRED’s vision is a blockchain platform where high-quality, verifiable data helps form better, direct matches between employers and candidates.“

Adapting a résumé for a position is strategic and helps the hiring manager see your most relevant experience, but does it have downsides? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter.