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The Importance of Welcoming Faculty & Staff Back to Campus: Three Tips to Do it Right

The beginning of a new school year is a key time to set the tone for the months ahead. Before welcoming students back to campus, be intentional to engage with faculty and staff.

  1. Be personal. Don’t just send a mass email. Plan an employee assembly or meal. Attend departmental meetings. Spend some time becoming reacquainted with your faculty and staff.

  2. Cast vision. You have goals and aspirations for your institution for the year. Your staff cannot help you accomplish those if they don’t know what they are. You should outline specific goals and also the underlying principles, so everyone can be on the same mission.

  3. Express appreciation. Your staff should begin the year knowing that you are in their corner. Faculty and staff work tirelessly throughout the year. Start the year on a positive tone by expressing authentic appreciation and offering specific rewards. Make sure you have an employee recognition strategy in place that will offer tangible thanks to your staff.