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Social Media and Careers: Think Before You Tweet

The precipitous demise of Roseanne Barr’s career is a cautionary tale of the power of social media. Being aimless in your social media engagement is lazy at best, dangerous at worst. Here are our tips for being part of the conversation without the risk.

  1. Assume everyone is listening. Many people make the mistake of thinking that social media is just that: strictly social. Don’t say anything on Facebook or Twitter that you won’t say at a work function. Even if you have your privacy settings dialed down, screen shots can make their way around. If you are gambling on your privacy settings, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

  2. When in doubt, don’t. Make a habit of rereading things before you post. Assume that anything that can be misconstrued will be. The backspace key is your friend. You will never regret being cautious.

  3. Observe others. Who are individuals that use their social media accounts effectively? Note how, when, and what they post. We can all improve our social-media presence and there’s wisdom in learning from the masters.

  4. Tweet your way ahead. More than just avoiding career catastrophe, you can harness the power of social media to further your career. Share interesting articles. Engage with others in your industry. Stay connected with past associates. The key factor for successful social-media engagement is adding value. Contribute through the resources, dialogue, and connections you bring.