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What’s in your Toolbox? Welcome a New Employee

Onboarding an employee is a key time that sets the tone for the work relationships to follow. Inherent in hiring a new employee is the reality that you’re short-handed. Given that, onboarding can all too often be haphazard rather than intentional. Employees’ first days and weeks with a company are defining their relationships, goals, and directing their paths with an organization. Here are three practices for welcoming every new hire:

  1. Send a welcome message. It doesn’t have to be formal or wordy, but send an email welcoming the new staff member and expressing that you are looking forward to working with him or her. If you were part of the interview process, include a specific trait that stood out to you that will enhance his or her job performance in this role.

  2. Provide resources. There is a huge amount to learn in any new job. Point them to formal resources, such as employee handbooks and vendor lists, as well as informal resources, such as the mexican place that the staff likes to get lunch at every Thursday.

  3. Make yourself available. Transitions take time. Make it clear that you are invested in their success and continue to check in after the initial flurry of activity on their arrival has quieted.

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