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Essential Interview Research: Maximize Each Opportunity with These Three Tips

Every step of a job search, from preparing your résumé and cover letter to beginning a new position, requires preparation. If you are interviewing with a company, how can you be most efficient and productive with your preparation? We have a primer of the three key areas to research about each company before an interview:

  1. History. How was the organization started? Who were they key players in its founding? How has its scope and focus changed over time? Origin stories are often baked into the culture of organizations and it’s important to understand them.

  2. Initiatives. Now that you know where they’ve come from, you need to understand where they are headed. What are the strategic initiatives the organization is currently pursuing? What markets do they hope to grow into? How can your strengths enhance what they are planning to do?

  3. Interviewers. Whom will you be speaking with? What is the background of each interviewer? What are their areas of expertise? Understanding the perspectives your interviewers bring to the table will help you anticipate the areas of your experience they will want to hear about.

Once you have a clear picture of an organization, you are able to draw the connections between it and your experience. Make a list of the ways that you fit with the culture, vision, and objectives of the organization. Print out the job-description and a copy of your résumé and annotate it based on your research. Want more interview-preparation help? Check out our five tips to ace your interview.