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Summer Goals for Leaders: Do You Have What You Need to Succeed Next Year?

With the school year winding down, it’s time to begin planning for the coming year. If you want to enter the 2018–19 academic year ready to inspire, it’s essential that you have the right people in the right jobs. You are only as strong as your team. We have three tips for personnel planning:

  1. Start now. When it comes to existing and emerging leadership positions, be intentional. You don’t want to have your momentum for growth interrupted or to be unprepared to take advantage of a new opportunity. Evaluate your current leadership team and your strategic initiatives. Where might you need additional hires?

  2. Listen to key players. Seek input from others who have a different vantage point than you do. This includes both those within your organization and those at other colleges whom you trust and admire.

  3. Build on your success. As you consider future hires, recognize what’s working well in your organization. Where are you organizationally strong? What implications does that have for how you should hire moving forwards?

At Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search we are standing by to to advise and assist with your hiring needs. Call to schedule a time in the early summer to discuss positions you need to fill.