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Out with The Old, in with the New: Spring-clean Your Résumé and Online Profile.

Just as we wash our windows and air out stuffy closets, so too it’s essential to make sure your virtual presence gets some TLC. Email addresses change; job descriptions quickly become outdated. Make sure that you don’t miss out on opportunities by giving your résumé and profile a refresh each spring. Here’s a step-by-step guide to retire outdated information and freshen your online presence.

  1. Review current content. Read your résumé, LinkedIn profile, and online bio (if you have a personal or company website) through from start to finish. Not only will this allow you to see what needs updating, but you may also catch some errors you hadn’t previously. Give a careful read and don’t skip over even the basic data.

  2. Revise job descriptions. Your role and duties are constantly evolving. Update your descriptions to more accurately reflect what you do. Do you supervise additional personnel? Have you undertaken any new initiatives? Likewise, are there things you no longer do that should be placed in the past tense or removed entirely?

  3. Add new accomplishments. Have you completed any projects or received any recognition recently? Have you obtained any new training or certification? Are you a member of any organizations that are not currently noted?

  4. Enlist endorsements. If you have recently collaborated with someone on a successful project, consider asking them to write a brief endorsement on your LinkedIn profile. Be specific in your requests, making it clear and manageable for them to comply.

  5. Provide references. Successful networking is all about reciprocity and mutually beneficial relationships. Think back over the current year and colleagues that you’ve worked with. Contact 2 or 3 and offer to provide endorsements on their LinkedIn or testimonials for their website. You never know when the generosity you show today will come back to benefit you in the future.