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Is Your Job Secure in the New Economy?

Technology has permanently changed the workforce, and the change is accelerating all the time. How do you stay relevant in the new economy? Forbes has sound advice on how to future-proof your career. They highlight the importance of continuing to grow and develop:

“Executives are focusing not so much on the transformation of current educational institutions but on a disruption in the approach to learning—that is, it is no longer about formal education, but about an ongoing process of continually acquiring new skills and knowledge.

Brian Householder, Hitachi Vantara’s president and chief operating officer, [shared] ‘It gives you the best opportunity to succeed. Because we could get the smartest people in the world to figure out the kinds of skills that we need to create for our workforce in the future, and I guarantee that we’re going to get most of it wrong, just because it’s unclear how it’s all going to take shape,’ he says. ‘If you can create enough of a learning and entrepreneurial culture to experiment and put things into action and figure out what works, and then scale it, I think you have the best opportunity for success.’

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