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No Job is Beneath You: How Humility Drives Success

Topping the music charts and singing to sold-out crowds is the height of glamourous stardom. But country music star Carly Pearce knows that the road to glory is paved with hard—and often humiliating—work. Pearce left home to pursue her dream of music in Nashville. In the decade since then she’s worked a steady stream of odd jobs to support her dream of making music, including cleaning toilets. Pearce never lost sight of her goal, and continued to take steps to make her dream a reality—even when it meant long hours and menial tasks.

Dreaming isn’t hard. It’s the tenacity to achieve them that is hard to come by. Many people want the status and recognition of success, but are allergic to the indignity of laying the groundwork to get there. Pearce’s story is a welcome reminder of a mentality that’s essential for success in leadership and in life. Read her entire story here.