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Our Nominees for Best—and Worst—Movie Boss

The 90th Academy Awards will take place Sunday, March 4th. As we kick off a weekend of red carpets, acceptance speeches, and awards, let’s talk about what we can learn about leadership from the silver screen—both shining examples to cautionary tales. Here are our nominations for the best and worst boss that Hollywood has brought us:

Worst: Gordon Gekko

“Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.” Michael Douglas plays a ruthless and thoroughly corrupt stockbroker in Oliver Stone’s film Wall Street. Gekko views his colleagues as tools to manipulate or sacrifice as needed to achieve his own ends. Gekko only cares about himself and profit. Moviegoers were glad that in the end, this scheming and nefarious figure gets his comeuppance.

Other nominees include:

Henry J. Waternoose—Monsters, Inc.

Marsellus Wallace—Pulp Fiction

Best: M

Dame Judy Dench plays a supervisor of spies who coordinates high-stakes missions. She takes no nonsense from her subordinates, while still knowing when to challenge them. She won’t hesitate to call her spies on inappropriate behavior, but she will also back them up to her superiors when necessary. Her commitment to her mission and her employees never waivers, which earns this enigmatic boss top billing in our book.

Other nominees include:

Harry S. Stamper—Armageddon

Ben Bradlee—All the President's Men