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Posturing for Promotion: Three Tips for Success in 2018

It’s easy to feel like a promotion is a matter of chance or management caprice. We have three concrete steps you can take to make career growth a reality.

  1. Ask for feedback. Give yourself valuable information with which to improve by asking for feedback from others. Doing so demonstrates a commitment to growth. Seek input both from peers and supervisors. This does not need to be an onerous request—don’t hand out review forms—it can be as simple as asking, “from your perspective, what’s one thing I could’ve done to make this project go more smoothly?”

  2. Take initiative. Management is looking for individuals who don’t just maintain the status quo, but are able to go above and beyond. Don’t just fulfill what’s asked of you and relax. Ask questions, make suggestions, offer additional ideas. Be aware of your manner in doing so: there is a difference between pandering for attention and adding value.

  3. Focus on group success, not just individual accomplishment. If you are only looking out for yourself, you will end up sabotaging your success in the long run. You should be more concerned with strong outcomes than with individual recognition. Those around you will see that you are committed to the success of the organization, and not just in it for personal gain.