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Female Candidates (and Their Partners) Face Extra Scrutiny When Interviewing

Though women outpace men as higher-education students, in administration it’s a different story. Women only make up about a quarter of college presidents and a third of faculty. A new study indicates that one of the biases a woman faces is the perception that her significant other might not be willing to move for a job.

Researchers “found that search-committee members considered ‘relationship status’ when evaluating female candidates but not male candidates. And the underlying assumptions of this consideration hurt the female candidates. Search committees assumed that those with… [significant others] might turn down the offer—even though they were considering candidates who had already been through a substantial portion of a search.”

Read more about the research here. As a women-owned business, we at Hyatt-Fennell are committed to diversity in higher education and making sure our hiring practices are fair, based on the qualifications of the applicants.

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