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How Technology Will Shape HR

Technology is changing the way we do business—including the business of hiring. Forbes rounds up their top HR trends for 2018, all influenced by the way technology is changing employee recruitment and selection.

One of the trends that’s gained significant traction, particularly with Millennials’ making up an increasing segment of the workforce, is working remotely. Forbes’ Josh Millet notes,

“In the past two decades, the volume of employees who have worked at least partially by telecommuting has quadrupled and now stands at 37%. A significant driver of this stems from VPN technology making it easy to access work systems from nearly any computer. From a corporate perspective, it opens up the pool of candidates, and by offering remote work capabilities, it’s a way to retain current employees and boost job satisfaction through a better work-life balance. With video conferencing and collaboration tools evolving every year, this trend will only continue on the upswing.”

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