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External Candidates Need Not Apply?

It’s happened to all of us. You’re in the grocery store and you get a cart with a leaning wheel. As straight as you steer it, it’s always trying to swerve into the shelves. Our own biases can be like that. When it comes to hiring, most organizations either gravitate towards internal or external candidates; however, one approach isn’t appropriate for all situations. How can you tell what’s the best fit for each position? Here are three questions to ask:

  1. Who are the key players? Central to where you search for a candidate is the focus of the position. Who does the position interact with? A position within the alumni department needs to have a thorough understanding of the legacy of the organization and an internal candidate would be a good choice. A position interacting with a board of directors or donors would also be well served by an internal candidate.

  2. Where is the role going? Is this a recently created position or a new venture? Bringing in an external candidate with collorary experience is wise to consider. Likewise, if it’s a role that will have significant development over coming years, you’ll want to consider the background of candidates.

  3. How long has it existed? If a position has existed for a long time, an external candidate can bring fresh perspective and life to that position. Perhaps a candidate from outside your organization—or even outside your field—can bring insights, efficiencies, and direction.