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Have You Found the Right Candidate? Three Questions to Ask Before Making an Offer

You’ve sorted through countless résumés, lined up numerous interviews, and one candidate has risen to the top. You think you’ve found the right candidate, but before you make the offer, here are three key questions to consider:

  1. Do they fit your company culture? This goes beyond their ability to complete the tasks of the job, but do they resonate with your mission? Are they in step with your approach? Consider the level of formality at your organization, the pace of work, and other important cultural factors.

  2. Where are they going? Hiring and training an employee is a significant investment. You don’t want to spend all that time, energy, and money for an individual who sees this position as a stepping stone in his or her career. Are your long-term goals and theirs aligned?

  3. Is your team in agreement? Does everyone see this as a good fit or are there some hold-outs? If members of your team have reservations, you’d be wise to hear them out fully.

Have you ever extended an offer you wish you hadn’t?