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Do You Have These Three Traits Needed to Advance in Higher Education?

Want to advance in higher education administration? The executive search pros at HF think you’ll need these three characteristics, above all:

  1. Curiosity. Professionals who advance are continually learning and growing. Whether it’s obtaining additional credentials or evaluating how processes work and refining them, successful individuals are never satisfied to stand still; they always want to discover more.

  2. Connection. Management inherently has subordinates and higher education administration involves plenty of communication within and between schools. Are you good at forming and maintaining connections? Do you add value to your relationships?

  3. Dedication. Advancement will not happen overnight. Do you have the drive needed to excel? Career advancement isn’t a sprint, but a marathon. Successful professionals are always going above and beyond. Do you give your all? Are you satisfied with the status quo or do you push for more?

There is no magic formula for advancement, but these three traits will put you on solid footing to grow. We’ve never seen an individual who was successful without them.