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Three Gifts for Your Employees that Mean A Lot and Don’t Cost A Thing

The holiday season has begun. Your employees may already be drawing names for their secret santa exchange. What is your role towards your employees in this season of giving? While holiday gifts and end-of-year bonuses are integral parts of employee compensation and morale, they are not the whole story. We have suggestions of three simple gifts you can give your employees that cost nothing and are more valuable than any other:

  1. Respond to their input. Employees want to know that they are a valuable part of your organization and that their contributions and voice matter. While you can’t change your course every time a concern is raised, taking time to listen to and address feedback—and incorporate changes when warranted—shows your employees you respect them.

  2. Flexibility with holiday time off. It is a crazy season. There are kids’ pageants to attend and trips to see family. During the final weeks of the year, realize that efficiency is not going to be at its peak and give your employees a little extra breathing room to take off early or miss a day.

  3. Appreciation. The most important thing you can do for your employees is articulate how much you appreciate them. We are not talking about a blanket thank you email blast. Take the time to recognize and appreciate the specific contributions of each team member. Just because it’s personal, doesn’t mean it has to be overly involved. Take time to write a card by hand to each of your employees mentioning a trait and accomplishment you appreciate about them. Knowing that their contributions are noticed and valued will be the best thing you can do for them as an employer.