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The First Step in Search is Research: Successful Professionals Listen

Hyatt Fennell is an executive search firm and the longer we connect clients with successful placements, the more we become convinced of the integral role of research in what we do. Dr. Marylouise Fennell shares, “reSEARCH plays a significant part in the search process.”

A routine part of an interview process is researching the organization you’re interviewing with; however, the research starts long before then. Dr. Fennell explains, “I guess everyone would understand the research of the client, but before that comes the vital research of the type of candidates that are needed for the search.”

Careful listening and learning is a hallmark of the entire search process. We listen to what organizations are looking for. We learn about their culture and legacy. We hear what stakeholders are looking for in candidates. We talk to candidates and learn what they value. We observe how the interview process goes with different candidates. We reflect after a search on what we can learn and how we can continually improve.

In any industry, having an attitude of observation and learning is crucial to continued growth. The moment you assume you know everything, you will be less engaged and effective. How does research and learning contribute to your job success? Join us on social media to share.