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A Trick that Will Save You In a Video Interview - Cheryl Hyatt Interviewed by U.S. News & World

Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search’s own Cheryl Hyatt was recently interviewed by U.S. News and World Report on how to interview successfully. Skype interviews can be challenging since they lack the in-person rapport of a face-to-face interview. Cheryl has this tip to help you stay focused during a video interview:

Take note of how the background appears behind you. You may even want to stage it with a few professional-looking items, experts say. And remember: Make eye contact with the camera, not at yourself or the interviewers on screen. Eyeing your own image makes it look like you're staring down—not the most engaged look for the interviewers. Hyatt even recommends placing a Post-it note over the place where your image is on the screen, so you're not tempted to stare at yourself.

The article is full of other helpful advice. Read the entire piece here.