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Are You Making These Email Mistakes?

Email is something we’ve all come to take for granted; however, good email practices are the difference between a well-functioning team and a missed deadline. Fast Company has five ways you could be sabotaging your communication—and annoying your coworkers. Kat Boogaard hits on an increasingly common error: when individuals are responsive, but their messages

confuse rather than helping the conversation:

You pride yourself on being totally on top of your inbox—incoming messages never go long without a reply from you.

It’s great that you’re committed to being so responsive. But it’s important that you also consider the quality of what you’re sending. Are your replies actually pushing the conversation forward? Or are you firing off short (and perhaps even totally useless) messages in an effort to put the ball in the other person’s court and get yourself one step closer to that elusive inbox zero?

Read the entire article here.

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