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Finding a new job can be hard.

Finding a new job can be hard. Turns out leaving an old job well can require some expertise as well. We wrote earlier this year about the importance of transitioning. Daniel Griffith shares valuable thoughts on the best way to leave a frustrating job. He articulates the sentiment we all feel and offers a valuable caution:

There are so many things you could do to show your boss, colleagues, or organization how much they will miss you and how poorly they've treated you. Let's face it—you're human. Who hasn't felt at some point in their career an overwhelming sense of ingratitude from their employer and fantasized about retaliating, if only in subtle ways, upon exiting?

If this describes how you feel, here's a quick bit of advice: Don't do it! You may be completely in the right and your employer completely in the wrong with respect to the poor state of affairs, but it will not benefit you to make a bad situation worse by engaging in negative attitudes and behaviors as you leave. Make it a graceful exit.

Read his entire article here. Did you ever do something you later regretted as you left a job? Join us on social media to share.