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Search Committees: What an Inside Perspective Can Teach You

As a candidate, the inner workings of a search committee can seem opaque and inscrutable. By having insight into the inner machinations of the process, you can more successfully navigate it. Allison Vaillancourt pulls back the curtain to reveal what candidates should know.

One incredibly important tip:

“Search committees want you to at least pretend this process is a not a hassle. Because we want to ensure that you are successful here, we have scheduled you to meet with a wide range of people who want to weigh in on your candidacy. That means: meeting after meeting, presentation after presentation.

In addition to showing you around, we are testing your stamina and ability to remain polite after the 17th person has asked you to explain your views on community engagement. Eye -rolling; saying that you have answered this same question nine times so far today; responding with, ‘As I explained to the last three groups,’ or heavy sighing will not be good for you. Act like every question is shiny and new—and answer it accordingly.”

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