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Flexible Work Arrangements: Should You Ask in An Interview?

Flexible work -arrangements are on the rise. An increasing number of employees work remotely, have flexible schedules, or compressed work weeks. Millennials, in particular, value work-life balance. If you’re interviewing for a position, is it wise to inquire about flexible options? Will it reduce your chances of being considered for the position? Two key questions to ask yourself before you ask them:

1. How important is it to them? Are they a company that values predictability and face-time? Is a centralized team integral to smooth operations? More traditional companies will be slower to change, while start-ups will be much more likely to have flexible options from the outset.

2. How important is it to you? What are your priorities in a work -arrangement? If you will be unhappy in a rigid work environment, you aren’t doing yourself or the company any favors by punting the discussion.

Underlying this issue is what kind of work -culture you want to be a part of. That is a key consideration in selecting a position that will be a good fit for the long- term. The best way to understand the lay of the land is to inquire about how teams function best in the organization. Your questions should be organically related to learning about the organization of the company. Asking, “can I work from home?” can seem abrupt and like you are less invested in the position. Asking, “how are your teams structured? What work arrangements have you found best serve your mission?” are much more savvy questions.

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