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Are You a Micromanager?

The best bosses seek to empower their employees to do their jobs well, giving them room to grow and succeed. Giving your employees respect and autonomy will make them your allies, not your enemies. Conversely, one of the quickest ways to make a work environment stifling is to micromanage. NPR

recently highlighted the dangers of micromanagement:

“Steve Motenko, an executive coach in Seattle, hears stories like this all the time. Micromanagement can kill motivation, employee creativity, and job satisfaction, and yet it remains the biggest beef workers have about their bosses.

‘We need employees who will do more than do what they're told — employees who will think for themselves, who will be creative, who will try new approaches,’ he says, ‘and all of that is squashed by micromanaging.’

Studies show lack of autonomy at work elevates stress hormones and can have other negative health effects.”

Read the entire story here. How do you resist the urge to be overly involved in your employees’ tasks?