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Expert Advice: How Becoming an Expert in Your Field Can Benefit You

It can be hard to make time for long-term career growth. One way that you can bring enrichment to your current career and pave the way for future advancement is by making yourself available as an expert in your field. You can advance yourself in your industry by joining trade associations, volunteering to speak on a panel, or publishing a guest-post on an industry blog. These tactics can benefit you in three ways:

1. Expands your network. New opportunities afford us new connections outside of our normal circles. That’s a key way to develop and diversify your existing network. That can open untold doors in the future.

2. Establishes your credibility. People will begin to understand your unique contributions and think of you as a go-to source in your industry.

3. Encourages growth. Doing something new can spur personal and professional development. You will be reminded of why you love what you do, while prompting new thoughts.

Whether you’re looking for a job or not, being known for your expertise makes your career-trajectory brighter and better.