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Dress Codes Don’t Get a Summer Vacation

As temperatures climb, we all dress in ways to beat the heat. There is one place where decorum trumps pragmatism: job interviews.

I can hear you now, even the idea of putting on a three-piece suit makes you melt. How can you be your best in the interview if you are uncomfortable and distracted? Interviews are not about being comfortable: they are about getting a job. The process is inherently uncomfortable and stressful. If being a little warm is the biggest challenge you have to contend with, it’s a pretty good interview! As the adage goes, anything that seems too good to be true, probably is. Trying to stay cool by dressing down might cause momentary relief, but with long-term consequences. The inverse is also true: coming to an interview dressed appropriately shows you are willing to do what is necessary for a job, even when it’s inconvenient.

Summer interviewing doesn’t mean you have to be a masochist. Be creative in problem solving! Perhaps you can take a ride-hailing service (in an air-conditioned car) to your interview. Or perhaps you could go down early to allow yourself time to sip an iced tea nearby while you go over your interview notes. There’s more than one way to avoid sweating an interview.