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Workplace Trend: Data-driven HR Aids Employee Retention

Picture the scene: it’s winter and a blanket of snow has covered your car. Before you pull out of the driveway, you dutifully scrape your windshield and windows so you can see the world around you and safely react to it. Few of us would get in our car and drive if we couldn’t see out the windshield, but organizations regularly cruise through business without data to help them make strategic personnel decisions. Institutions are wising up and there is an increasing trend towards data-driven HR. Consider employee retention: are your employees happy? How long do they stay on average? Why do they leave? Given the high cost of acquiring and training new hires, a small amount of effort to better retain quality employees can pay dividends later.

Three simple ways you can gather data:

  1. Performance reviews. Conducting regular performance reviews not only helps employee morale by recognizing their accomplishments, it provides space for them to communicate challenges and frustrations. It can be uncomfortable for an employee to bring up, and they may gloss over things. Always ask for specific feedback about what isn’t working for them.

  2. Anonymous surveys. Get a quick pulse-check of your organization as a whole or a department in particular by sending out brief—I mean 3 questions or less—surveys about how employees are feeling. Services like Google Forms makes this task a breeze.

  3. Exit interviews. When an employee is leaving they have vital perspective on their time with your company. Make an exit interview a priority by scheduling it and allowing adequate time. Keep the time productive and specific by preparing questions in advance.

Once you’ve gathered this information, capturing and codifying it is key. Want guidance on using data in your hiring and HR? Hyatt-Fennell is here to help. Contact us today.