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Three Tips for Creating a Personal Website

Branding yourself is a strategic way to invest in your career advancement. It creates a place where people can see you and your work that transcends individual positions or companies. Here are three tips for making the most out of a personal website.

  1. Create a blueprint. What is the point of your website? Use your executive bio as your guide. If you need help crafting an executive summary, we have some guidelines. Your website should reflect your competitive advantage. Don’t put too much content on it—people won’t wade through too much content. Your website should be a brochure, not an encyclopedia.

  2. Have a clear action item. What do you want people to do? Contact you? Subscribe to your email list? Have the action item prominent on each page and use contrasting colors to highlight it.

  3. Update often. Many people start a website, few people keep up with it. Make a habit of updating it twice a year, if not quarterly. Put a reminder in your calendar so you don’t forget. When you update, try to look with fresh eyes at the whole in addition to updating any information that has changed.

Having a website that illustrates your skills and accomplishments can bring your résumé to life. That will serve you well when it comes time for your next job search, and as you make connections in the meantime.