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5 Tips For Leaving Your Job On Good Terms

Once you have accepted a new position, it can be easy to mentally check out of your current job. That would be a huge mistake. Your current colleagues are integral to the future success of your career. Here are five ways to make sure you leave on a good note:

  1. Give adequate notice. There is a sweet-spot of not leaving your boss in the lurch and not dragging out your departure. Be sure you follow an appropriate chain of command. Do your supervisor the courtesy of telling him or her before your coworkers.

  2. Finish projects. It can be tempting to slack on things, now that you’re already thinking about your next endeavor. Maintain the quality of your work to the end. Your reputation is one of your most important career assets.

  3. Create a transition blueprint. Create a file for your supervisor and your replacement outlining key contacts, information, and upcoming deadlines. Make an appointment to go over this with them before you leave so you can answer any questions.

  4. Connect with colleagues. Before you leave, make a point to connect with your current coworkers in-person and online through LinkedIn so you can stay in touch.

  5. Say thank you. Express your appreciation to your supervisors and coworkers for their help. There is likely plenty that you are fed up with, but focus on the positive as you go. Celebrate what you’ve accomplished together.