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Social Media Research in Your Job Search: Social Mention Untangles the Mess

How many social networks are you a member of? Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Instagram? YouTube? The list goes on and on. Finding content across those sites can be challenging. Get to Know Social Mention, a social media search and analysis platform that aggregates user-generated content from across the universe into a single stream of information. It allows you to easily track and measure what people are saying across the web's social-media landscape in real time. This has two uses particularly useful to job seekers:

1.What is being said about you. It is essential that you know how you are being seen by potential employers. Make a practice of searching your name regularly.

2. What is being said about your potential employer. When people talk about the organization you’re planning to work with, what are they saying? Do you find rants, praise, or silence? In order to get a full understanding, and a better sense of what you might be signing up for, use Social Mention to get the skinny on the company.