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Do You Skimm? Sharpen Your Soft Skills with This Resource

Connection is one of the most important parts of functional professional relationships. Employers are increasingly stressing soft skills—and finding applicants lacking. LinkedIn found last year that 59% of employers say that “soft skills are difficult to find.” How do you measure up? What if you had cue cards of topics as you seek to have meaningful conversations with others? That’s where Skimm comes in. We’ve been using it—and loving it. Skimm is a daily email curated by two news-professionals who send a list of relevant news—complete with situations in which you might use it—to your inbox. Being able to speak intelligently on the news of the day is an important part of the interview strategy, but just as important in nearly every aspect of professional life as you demonstrate that you remain on the forefront of issues affecting our both our and your professional sector.

Time is our most finite resource. Finding effective tools is essential for success. Skimm is a much more efficient way to stay informed than scrolling through Twitter (not to mention less distracting). What time-saving resources do you utilize? Join us on social media to share.