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Seven Things Not to Do on Your First Day

Starting a new job soon? Pocket our list of seven things to avoid on Day One to ensure your new position gets off to a great start.


  1. Be late. Ask lots of questions in advance, including who you are supposed to meet and what time you should arrive. Use Google Maps to determine how long it should take to get there during rush hour. Factor in plenty of buffer time.

  2. Take someone else’s parking spot. Find out where you should park beforehand, so as not to annoy a co-worker before they even meet you.

  3. Engage in gossip. It’s natural for your co-workers to fill you in on things during your first day. That can quickly devolve into gossip. Steer the conversation to something more constructive and resist the urge to slam your former company or co-workers in an effort to connect.

  4. Talk about your compensation. Not only is it impolite, discussing your compensation is grounds for firing at many companies.

  5. Say no to a lunch invitation. Your co-workers are going to be integral to your success. Take advantage of chances to get to know them as soon as they come up.

  6. Suggest improvements. Your first day is a time to listen and observe. It may be that they have a policy or approach that needs to change, but you don’t yet have the credibility to address it and may not understand the whole picture.

  7. Be afraid to ask for help. Whether it’s something small like where the bathroom is, or something big, like how to file expense reports, you’re only hurting yourself by not asking. A great approach is to inquire, “Who’s the best person for me to ask about _____?” That allows them to help you or direct you to someone more qualified.