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Tips for a Successful Presidential Search

Why do presidential searches fall apart? It is frustrating and costly to have candidates who have made it all the way to a campus interview drop out or be found ill-suited to the position. Dr. Scott D. Miller and our own Dr. Marylouise Fennell share insights on how can we make presidential searches more successful.

One of the most helpful:

“Check references before bringing candidates to campus, but be sure to secure permission to call even listed references.

This procedure saves valuable time later in the search process, after candidates have been to campus and may expect an offer. Referencing can tell a committee a good bit about a candidate before a face-to-face interview, such as work-style and ethic, personal interests, and family. When the search reaches the finalist stage, the candidate should be advised that due diligence will be done. This includes ‘non-given’ reference checking; civil court and workers’ compensation records; criminal, credit, and employment checks; driving records; and degree verification.”

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