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Leveraging Google in Your Job Search: How Search Alerts Can Give You an Edge

With 2.3 million searches per minute, Google has become our home-base on the internet. But are you missing out on Google’s most helpful features? Familiarity can cause us to forget that Google is a sophisticated tool that is constantly evolving. Google Search Alerts are a tool that will give you an edge in your job search.

Google can notify you via email everytime a new result for a search comes up. You are able to specify the terms you want to search and the frequency of notifications. To set up a Search Alert go to https://www.google.com/alerts, enter your search terms, and click “more options” to tailor the results. Two ways this can help you in your job hunt:

  1. Your reputation. Set up a Google alert for your name to keep apprised of what new results employers are seeing when they search you. Are you being cited in articles? Criticized on blogs? It’s your responsibility to know the top results that come up and monitor new ones.

  2. Unadvertised jobs. Listings on popular job sites, such as CareerBuilder or Monster, represent 15–20% of available jobs. The majority of jobs are advertised internally or on an organization’s own website. Monitor organizations and departments you are interested in so you can be the first to hear about open positions. For example, enter “Carlow faculty jobs” into Google Search Alerts to hear before other job-seekers about new openings.

Properly deployed, Google Search Alerts can automate a cumbersome part of the search process to give you a competitive edge.