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Is Finding a Good Job a Matter of Luck?

While no one knows who first said, “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it,” everyone knows that it’s true. Success lies more in strategy than serendipity. When planning for career advancement, what are your lucky resources?

  1. Colleagues. Your connections are your most valuable resource for advancement in your current job and future positions. Be diligent to connect with people on LinkedIn after working together. Be invested in others’ success and they will be invested in yours. Make a habit of sending a note of congratulations to associates when they secure promotions or new positions.

  2. Integrity. The way you treat others will have impacts on your future. Are you prone to pettiness and backbiting? That will hurt you in the long run. Treating others with generosity and respect will reap dividends for your future in ways you can never predict.

  3. Experience. Always be developing professionally. How can you hone your current skills? What new approaches can you try? What additional training can you secure? Your job experience should show depth and growth throughout your career.

  4. Experts. When approaching a job change, seek out professionals who are proficient in the market and current openings. This will open doors beyond your personal network. Executive search firms, like Hyatt-Fennell, bring insight to institutions and candidates that results in quality matches for long-term success. You can view current searches and connect with us on our website.