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How to Get the Most out of 2017

Students are returning and classes are just beginning. A whole new year is before us. What things will you do differently in 2017? Here are three ideas to give you a fresh outlook and renewed energy for the year ahead.

  1. Review your goals. What is your career trajectory and how does this year fit in? What practices do you need to implement? What connections can you foster? What risks should you take? Put your plans down on paper and make them as concrete and specific as possible.

  2. Evaluate your obstacles. Where do you get stuck? What are the tasks that you perpetually put off? In what areas do you underperform? Being honest about our shortcomings is vital to overcoming them. Be honest about your weaknesses and form a plan of how to address them. Consider reaching out to someone with expertise in that area or additional training.

  3. Remember your roots. Students are the reason we in higher ed do what we do. With the activity and stress of daily life, it’s easy to get insulated in our offices and lose track of the students we serve. Consider mentoring a student in your field or eating more regularly in the cafeteria.

Celebrate your successes from 2016 and allow those victories to fuel good things in 2017. Here’s to a great year!